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DMCA policy of is used for implementing the procedures stated in 17 U.S.C. Section 512 as well as in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act used for reporting cases of violating the copyright laws. This policy of our service should be used in relation to international and local laws and regulations referring to the rights of copyright owners, including individuals, institutions and companies, their spokenmen, representatives and agents if any. Users of our online service should respect such rules and regulations and laws, irrespective to their place of residence. is a responsible online service and we guarantee instant reaction and beginning of all the required procedures set by this policy and the DMCA upon receipt of a properly filed notification.

Before sending a complaint notice you should read the following information for being sure that you follow all guidelines:

  • As your complaint notice concerns violation of the copyright law, such notice should be signed by the copyright owner or a legal representative of such copyright owner. Subject to the delivery method of such complaint the documents may have electronic or physical signature.
  • We also need recognition of the materials stated as copyrighted as well as thorough description of the works declared to violate the law.
  • Satisfactory contact data for our service Support Team to be able to contact you, which means we need your full address, phone number and email address.
  • A signed declaration that you are sure that the materials complained are not approved by the copyright owner or a representative of such a person or a company.
  • A signed declaration stating that you are authorized by the owner of the copyrighted material and that you have given us the correct and accurate information.

We as the online service Administration guarantee that we will assume all necessary measures upon receipt of the property filed notification of the law violation. Our measures will include confirmation of your letter receipt as well as deleting of the files concerned offensive which make take up to 36 hours.